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I love answering this question. It’s simple. A Closet Bitch is someone who is afraid of saying or doing or being what they want in fear of making a person or people uncomfortable.

Most of us relate to this in some way and others relate to the tenth power because their whole lives revolve around them tip toeing and being afraid to keep it real with people. I’m raising my hand really high in the air right now because I was a huge closet bitch for years and I am proud to admit it because of all of the work I did to overcome it. I’m not going to go into what I went through and how I overcame it because I would spoil my entire one woman show, The Closet Bitch, but I will say I was afraid to be me and speak up to family, friends, the man in my life after the tables turned, co-workers. I mean I was holding back and being fake every where I turned. Maybe I shouldn’t say being fake, although some would say that’s pretty much what it is. But I truly believe it is a learned behavior that is born out of fear or habit that is picked up from someone that has a strong influence over your life as a child. I also think you can learn it late in life if you are around that strong influence during an emotionally weak period in your life. Listen, I’m no doctor, I’ve just been through some shit and came out of it and also know a lot of people who have been through similar experiences and all road lead to a strong influential person that makes you feel inferior or fearful in some way at some point in your life.

I was so nose deep in being a closet bitch that I literally would attract people who I just had to please and felt inferior to. Have you ever felt like that? Like almost everyone you know has power over you? Well I’m here to tell ya they don’t. It’s all in our minds but until we get tired and fed up or read books and hang around people and have experiences that feed  our strength and remind us how awesome we are and that we don’t need anyone’s approval to be great, we will continue to allow folks to have power over us. Remember, we teach people how to treat us. So why not teach them to treat us like rare diamonds?

This is dedicated to the beautiful, silent ones with their heads down. Raise your head high because you are worth being seen and heard because there is no one else on earth like you. You were designed to be special, why not own it and act as you are? Walk in your light and breathe the next time your around that person that makes you feel inferior. Remember, it’s all in your mind and you can turn it all around by just saying, “no”. You might shake in your boots but trust me, you will be stronger than ever moments later.