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After meeting and hugging some of the wonderful folks in the audience on the April 5th show of The Closet Bitch, I saw a woman crying while waiting for me to finish speaking with someone in front of her. When I approached her, I asked if she was okay and she said she’s never been better. She said the show touched her so deeply and of course she laughed the entire time but it was also sad because she too has had issues with being afraid to stand up for her self and not give in to the people pleasing attitude she was taught to conform to. She said she saw herself in my story and was finally ready for a change. She said if someone else could do it, so could she. She said she believes it starts at home when you are a child and I think she’s right!

We are taught to “over care” about what others think and put our thoughts secondary to those who appear to be superior weather it’s out parents, siblings, friends, lovers, boss, co-workers or random people we meet on the streets and in our everyday lives. I’ve been there. I think I had the disease to please when it came to just about every person in my life besides my mother. And I believe the only reason I didn’t have it with my mother was because she had the same disease, so I sort of got over on her at times but when I realized what damage I was doing to her I stopped. I was doing to my mother what I allowed people to do to me. Take advantage. As I grew older and finally found my voice and stopped caring so deeply about what others thought of every move I made, my relationship with myself and my mother became super healthy and amazing. Thank God I got stronger, it’s definitely not easy but with support and standing firm on my decisions regardless of bottled up fear and the thought of breaking my mothers heart any further, I changed.

This post is dedicated to my mother Karen A. Solomon, I love you and respect you till the day I die. And to the woman I spoke with after the show, you know who you are, you have all the strength in the world to become whomever you wish to be. All you have to do is believe it. Just know that I believe in you. Sending you both my love.