The Closet Bitch” follows actress Shana Solomon’s desperate struggle to please everyone in her life “but” herself … while trying not to fall apart in the process. This raw, unapologetic, one-woman dark comedy finds Solomon playing 19 characters in 80 minutes. She’ll take you on a highly relatable journey onstage at New York’s Playroom Theater. Watch as she spills scandalous secrets and tells totally true embarrassing tales, all as she attempts to come out of her shell and shake off a life-long fear of offending others.

This production includes strong, explicit language and sexual content. Parental guidance is advised.

The Closet Bitch is kicking off its 2017-18 Tour! 

In 2012, after diagnosing herself with the disease to please, Shana Solomon was inspired to write her one-woman show, The Closet Bitch. The show follows the struggle of a woman desperately pleasing everyone else but herself and trying not to fall apart in the process. It’s a raw, unapologetic, dark comedy where Solomon plays 19 characters in 80 minutes and takes us on a journey we all can relate with.

The Closet Bitch was first introduced to a small audience of 25 in 2012 at The Theater Lab in NYC while attending a solo show class taught by Award Winning TV show writer and Broadway Playwright, Matt Hoverman. After Shana received a standing ovation for her reading that night, she decided to produce the 1st run of The Closet Bitch at The C.O.W Theater in NYC. And with even more standing ovations, and requests from known speakers to perform at conferences to empower women in business and life, shana quickly turned a 12 show run into a 32 Off Broadway show run with sold out shows and the birth of a fan base.

Shana Solomon is finally bringing The Closet Bitch and her growing fan base to venues across the nation for a kick ass 2017-18 Tour! Sign up for our Newsletter to receive info on upcoming shows in your area.

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