The Closet Bitch - A One Women Show By Shana Solomon

One Woman Show

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The Closet B.I.T.C.H.

Shana Solomon, Writer, creator and star, effortlessly transitions into 13 charachters while performing this raw, hilarious and inspirational one woman show.


‘The Closet B.I.T.C.H.’ (Bold Individual who Thinks Confidently of Herself) is an autobiographical comedic solo show about a woman who tries to please everyone but herself. (a Princeton alumni and drug dealing father, his sexy Puerto Rican coke sniffing mistress, a mentally ill mother, corporate america’s rules on “what’s exceptable while being black in the office” and childhood friends who she’s quickly out-growing).


Shana says,  ”The ‘closet’ referred to in the title is the closet formed by the typical rules women were taught to follow. The ‘bitch’ is what we get called when we break them! I want to inspire women and men to live bold and by their own design regardless of what people think. The show is about everything I write in my diary but feared saying for fear of putting people in jail, loosing friends and embarrassing me and my family. But thank God for statutes of limitations, cool family and friends and old Richard Pryor records.”


Shana Solomon starred, co-wrote and produced the award winning short, “Cool Kidz” and starred in countless films and commercials such as “Mountain Dew” and  ”GEICO”. This is her second theater production. 

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